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Traveler Reviews of Funny Farm Campground

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Not all its cracked up to be.

I camped at Funny Farm several times and finally decided it was not worth the money. The toilets cannot take the traffic of a normal weekend and constantly plug. There are rusty bolts sticking out of the ground at one of the children's parks (I notified the owner and he did nothing). My childern cut their feet on the broken cement at the Pool. I could go on and on about the putrid swamp in the middle of the land, which they call a lagoon, I call it a sewer. The electricity is not up to code and causes your aircondioner to fade in and out if it turns on at all. Seasonal campers have even unplugged my camper in the middle of the night! I would not suggest anyone go to this campground.

What a dump

This place is a DUMP! The website makes is look like a nice place but BEWARE! My husband wanted to try it out because they allow you to bring your own golf carts which is nice but I don't care. I'll never go there again. There are no paved roads or cement slabs for your campers. Everything you bring will get covered in dirt or mud. The pools is nasty. The little store is a joke. The swimming pond is an usual shade of green/blue. I have no clue what's in there. The bugs are nuts and they DO NOT have sewer hook up. Also, they broadcast the band playing over the loud speakers which everyone thought was annoying. If we wanted to listen to the band, we'd go over there and listen to them. There are so many seasonal campers- I think they actually live there which is kind of gross. I WILL NOT camp there again, FOR SURE.

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Funny Farm Campground

Address of Funny Farm Campground
19452 County Road 12,
Pioneer, Ohio
USA, 43554
Phone of Funny Farm Campground
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