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October Hills would be a great place to own a camp lot if some of the trustee's would get it together and stop thinking they own the place themselves. Some of the trustee's think they have to show there ass's every week and are always wanting to sue people for stupid things. 4 of the trustee's think that they have to mind everyone's business besides there own. For example: Our Head Maintenance man does his job and does it well, But because he has a close friend who is also a lot owner they don't like it. They hate this female and they are always following them around trying to find fault in them. We started a recycling program on the hill to cut down on trash and to earn money for new and different things for the hill. The Maintenance guy on his own time help with making recycling bins for "BEER CANS and Plastic"! And of course one of the trustee's said he didn't like them and said they would draw bugs., But they are still there and will remain. Did I say BEER CANS? Yes since that's all a lot of camp lot owners do from the time they get there to the hill till the time they leave is drink beer and drive there golf carts drunk around the hill with out regards to anyone else some trustee's included. The trustee's "MAKE" the rules, But some of them can not follow them and are always breaking them, But if a lot owner breaks a rule they try to sue the lot owner and if you google October Hills Campground association you will see one suite they lost costing the lot owners money. We have a nice swimming pool that is maintained by our Maintenance man who does his job well. Last Saturday July 18th, 2009 the trustee who over see's the pool "LOCKED" the gates because he saw 3 little leafs in the bottom and called the Maintenance man raising hell because he thought there was goose crap in the pool. Humm we don't have any geese around.


I am a photographer and a couple years ago a trustee asked me if I happen to see a certain female hanging around the Maintenance Mans house if I would take pictures of her or her truck in the drive way and give them to him. I said sure, But never did. See some of the trustee's (3or4)like to spy on people on the hill. If they don't like you they will try to find fault in you. Matter of Fact I went to the Maintenance man and told him what was asked of me just to give him a heads up as to what they were doing. His house is a part of his wage and like any landlord that is against the law and called Harassment but they don't see it like that. The trustee's think they can go on anyone's property anytime they feel like it. They can't because it's against the law to trespass on any privately owned camp lot in October Hills and I have told them I would prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law if I caught them on my property. Some of the trustee's on October Hills think they are above the law.. There "NOT"!

I think the Trustees are doing a great job.... There job is very tough for every 10 people they make happy they upset 20.... It is a thankles job and I wish everyone would get to be in office for a term... But there are people out there that just like to complain.....

The above statement written by a bill smith was actually written by a October Hills trustee named Tim Arent. You see if you check the computer IP Address number as to where the statement came from it will trace right back to him. There is no such person on October Hills named Bill Smith. Anyone can change there name on the computer, But you can't change an IP address which is something some folks in the computer world don't know. Some of the trustee's hide behind one another. Mr. Arent sent me a text message saying he was looking at my statements a little while ago. But like I said when I checked the IP address as to where his statement came from it leads right back to him. The suppose of Bill Smith is the President of the association on October Hills. After reading this, Do you really want to own a lot there? I think the answer would be "NO".

Good why don't you sell then...... If it weren't for people like you that always want to cause problems the hill would be a better place.... Instead of always complaining Mr. Newkirk why don't you join a comittee and do something about it..... I am not hiding behind anything and either are the rest of the board... I am asumming you voted for all or some of these people.. Why did you vote for them and if the hill is such a bad place to be why are you there all the time.........

I/we did vote for 3 trustee's the only 3 that are worth anything. See readers this is the kind of crap that goes on at October Hills. Some of the trustee's think they are above everyone else. They break the rules that they put into place for everyone else to follow. We have 3 great trustee's on October Hills that try to do the job they were elected to do, But really can't since the majority rules. Our maintenance man has been on the hill for very many years, He has been there longer then most trustee's. He owns a lot on the hill and they the trustee's think he is screwing over the association. But in all reality he is looking out for the best interest in the hill by doing his work. Remember is he were trying to screw the hill over, He would be hurting his interest also.
Mr. Arent the President calls me by my name in his last post thinking I am hiding. I will never hide. I always speak the truth about anyone I speak about and I always make sure I have something to back up my words. And I do..

Mr. Arent:
For the answer to your last question as to why I am on the hill all the time. The answer is.. I am a part owner of my land on the hill and we are part owners like everyone else of October Hills Campground and Resort. We don't plan on selling anytime soon unless you have the money to buy which I know no one on the hill has the kind of money it would take to buy us out.

Well if your not going to sell than shut up or do something about the issues that are bothering you.... I have no idea which three trustees you are in favor of but there is a lot more than three that think that our maintenance man is doing a fine job... So instead of going to the rumor mill for your information stop by my lot anytime and I would be more than happy to tell you or any other lot owner MY VIEWS...
I have no idea what makes you think I am better than everyone else??? Obviously you don't know me to well if that is your opinion of me....
I have know you awhile now Rex and have had some great conversations with you so I hope these things you are writting about me are some kind of joke.... As far as rules that I break I would like to know what those are????

Mr. Arent:
If you read what I have written you will see I never mentioned your name when I said that some of the trustee's are breaking the rules. No where in what I said does it say anything about you breaking the rules or not being able to follow rules that you set forth. What I said was that there are 4 trustee's that can't follow the rules and you automatically think I am speaking of you. And as far as issues bothering me, I have brought them to you and another trustee and all I get is file a complaint form and we will address it at the next meeting and if it is warranted then it will be addressed. That sir is not the answer, It should be taken care of right then just like the recycle bin that y'all had moved because some one complained about it and said it was drawing bee's when it wasn't. It's a shame that no one gets along on October Hills unless your in a click. Everyone at one time use to get a long up on the hill. I can remember back years ago when someone was building something and you didn't walk up and say "NEED SOME HELP"! You didn't do that, You grabbed your hammer and went and helped and everyone got a long. Where is that today? Its not there. Certain trustee's try to run the hill and NO ONE has a say.

For Sale

I have seen some ads for lots for sale In October Hills. When I did a search all I find is law suits and negative comments on the organization. Can someone convince me that I would not be a complete idiot for considering buying a lot there?

hello, I would love to receive your camping guide thank you

serge desjardins


j7j 1b4



The friction comes from some of the trustee's as you read above. Some of them would rather lie then speak the truth. Everything I have said so far is the truth. As all will see soon things will be coming to a huge change on the hill. There will be major changes coming to the hill with in the next few years or sooner.

in my opinion

Everyone has an opinion some good, some bad.
I just do what I can for the good of October Hill.
I can only say October Hill is a good place that good people step up to run it!
Not run it down!
I just thank everyone that runs it or volunteers to help!
Its not perfect but it works!

Ya Roger you are right, Everyone has there own opinion including you as a trustee you can have yours. But you trustee's want to FIRE Tony, the maintenance man because he took a vacation on the off time of winter. What is up with that? Would you rather he takes his vacation in the middle of summer? He is due a vacation every year. In the winter there isn't much Tony can do on the hill with out the proper equipment and when it snows no one can get on our year round hill because the trustee's spend money foolishly and not on things like a snow plow, snow shovels, tools, snow tires for both the tractor and company truck. Tony (BONES) took his jeep up on the hill to do maintenance work and tore his jeep up and y'all want to fire him because he went and charged $60.00 for parts to fix his jeep. What would you rather he do? Take his jeep in to a shop and the hill pay the shop bill which would be $700.00 or just get the part and do it himself. Roger you told me 2 years ago that you didn't like Tony and his girlfriend and you wanted to see him fired because you didn't like his girlfriend. Yes you told me that in front of others. I WILL TELL YOU THIS.. YOU WILL NOT FIRE THE maintenance MAN TONY.

to whom it may concern

this is a great place even so you have the bad ones!
they run for trustee for there gain nedless to say they are never elected! you can read and guess who this is! lol!
just remember folks every place has one we have ours!

This is what I am talking about. People always speak there piece even though they don't know what they are talking about or saying, And as a trustee they don't even know how to spell....

looking for a lot for sale

hi iam looking for a lot to buy in october hills if any one knows of any please let me know finelineinkusa@yahoo.com thank you verry much edward

For those who are looking for lots on October Hills, There is a great page on Facebook.com and if you go there look up October Hill Campers under Organizations - Non-Profit Organizations. There are a lot of photo's and other information listed there.

It's so sad when another October Hills Trustee can not follow the rules he is sworn to uphold. This trustee went speeding past my lot this past Sunday April 11th, 2010 in his gas golf cart and I asked him to slow down and figured he would, But instead Rodger only could show his intelligences by flipping me the bird and saying a few words. No with this Rodger hopes to get reelected as trustee this year. How can we have trustee's in office if they are going to act like this?

rex the village idiot

this is great for mud slinging nobody likes u rex! if october hill is so bad why donmt u get the hell out!
what i have to saY TO U I WONT DO ON HERE ILL BE A MAN AND DO IT TO YOUR FACE U CHICKEN SHIT! no one likes u your weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger, You couldn't sit still long enough to say anything to my face. At least some of us can spell...


I have looked on the facebook page and I did not see any lots for sale. Is there a certain place I should be looking? Thanks for any info.

Judy, There is a web page for October Hills at http://www.ohcoa.net/ This site was set up by a trustee on the hill. I really don't know how much information is there, But trustee Mr. Dykes says he has put together a pretty good web site. I personally have not seen it. Here is a site for a facebook page created by someone else on the hill..

Be Nice!

Show a little love campers.


Thank you for the info on lots for sale. Hopefully it will work out.


Can't we all get along the summer is almost here and the fun camping season has arrived....

Well Tim, You know some of us can get along, But there are some that can't get along with anyone. They call you names on the computer, But are afraid to say it to your face for fear they may end up with a new set of bracelets on there wrists... Or even worse..

OCHOA - "October Hill" is not a RESORT. It is a private campground. Choice of friends is misrepresented with "click". There are several different types of personalities everywhere. Isn't it nice that you can pick and choose who you care to spend time with?!?! Some think they can do as they please no matter what the rules are. Then threaten with law suits! Come on guys, summer is here. It is so simple to check with the "Trustees" not just one, get the scoop and go on from there. LIFE is to short for "little kid" games. To the folks looking for a place to have a summer "camping" experience. The HILL is the spot. It is wonderful there..it is what YOU make it for you.


I've been on the hill since 1990.seen alot of changes(good mostly--take the good with the bad),lost my husband and friends and to me whenever I needed help SO many friends from the hill were right there and still are.A group is only what its members make it--let's all work together to make the hill a GREAT (awesome like Willy would say).Instead of complaining about the trustees' decisions, volunteer to help make it right again. Think positive and try to find the good things about the hill and why you love it there!WE CAN ALL GET ALONG AND WORK TOGETHER FOR THE BEST FOR THE HILL! If you don't get right the first time TRY again. Instead of complaining, help out---walk in the trustees' shoes once. You can't please everyone all the time or always be right. Don't sweat the small stuff--work together to make the hill the GREAT place it was and still is!

October Hills is a camp and resort. I have the paper work from when we bought into the hill and matter of fact back in 1968 when October Hills was first started it was called October Hills Campground and Resort. You own your own land, Pay your own taxes and you can live on your lot for 51 weeks a year. Since we bought in before you did we are grandfathered into what we bought into. But yes it is a Camp and Resort.. Oh and by the way what lawsuit are you talking about? There just may be one or 2 brewing.. I AM RUNNING FOR TRUSTEE THIS YEAR!!

I hear that 4 trustee's want to cancel our maintenance mans medical
insurance. I am
sure that they don't know the new federal law that says they must give
insurance to all employee's.. Maybe another lawsuit? Or maybe all there
insurance needs to be canceled by there employers..


I have been shopping for a campsite. Prefer Private for security. It sounds like Rex is a very proud owner who has been seriously wronged by the association. It usually takes more than one wrong to cause this much stress for an place that is designed for Rest and Relaxation. How does a Paid Trustee elected to represent the owners best interest have the right to use Vulgar language to a residence?

A trustee must have integrity. My gut feeling is to avoid this place. My money is as green as my neighbors. If you can not TRUST your neighbor, he will steal from you.

hopefully people slow down on their golf carts

Ready all reviews on here with my daughter coming down there for the weekends i hope everyone is a responsible adult on their golf carts because if someone were to be drinking and driving and hit my 12 year old daughter or even came close to hitting her it is pretty safe to say their would not be a trial or lawsuit for them maybe for me but defintly not them.be careful responsible adults even if ur drinking.

Paul, I don't think the golf carts will ever slow down unless county comes up and start writing tickets. I hear that some trustee's want to put in speed bumps for cars and leave a 4 foot opening in the middle so golf carts can go like hell down the road. Maybe I will get some stop sticks..

Lot Owner 56 Ridgeview Drive

We had an unbearable amount of bleach in our water and today there is NO WATER! Seems a 6" water line broke going up the hill and since we had very low water pressure the last 2 weeks I believe that line started leaking a while ago. Today there is no water and I hope they fix it soon..

This is Crazy

I just stumbled on to this site and really feel disgusted how people bicker and argue on such a public site are you people that fight using the internet as a medium to have arguments just plain stupid or what, people that fight and argue using this medium are probably the same people that voted for Obama ,just plain dumb asses. Do you not realize when you have these public squabbles that you are hurting everyone who owns property on the hill. Please do everyone a favor and use the internet for positive remarks, everyone can get along its not that hard. I have been on the hill since 1992 and have had my share of disagreements with trustees woopy doo, It is very simple be nice,follow the rules, and if you have a problem or concern that can not be worked out then just have your attorney talk to OHCA attorney and go on with life. I don't appreciate adults acting as children making our Organizations dirty laundry public so the general public who may be looking to invest in OHCA says no way. just my opinion take it for what its worth. If this post offends anyone and they want to beat me up they can find me @ 197,198,199 from May thru whenever I decide to go south.

Joe Sitzlar (concerned owner)
Joe Sitzlar

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

For everyone who doesn't know yet, The trustee's are wasting money again. Speed bumps are being installed. Yes today they cut the middle of them so the golf carts that speed can still do so and the trustee's also want to bring the check books back on the hill so they can write checks when they want too. "WE WILL NO LONGER HAVE MONEY"!! The pool is now closed at 10:00 p.m. and for those who liked to swim after midnight you have to do so in the river. The trustee's now thing they are the GOD ALMIGHTY and thing we as owners don't have a say. It will soon come to a halt.. I need everyone to back me, I have a plan that will give the hill back to the people.. WE CAN TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HILL ONCE AGAIN IF Y'ALL STAN BY ME.

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

I was asked to day by the health department where I/we called home? I had to be truthful and told them we live at 56 Ridgeview Drive in The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hills. I also told them all my cars are registered at that address and that I am a registered voter at that address and yes I get mail through that address through my post office box. I guess the trustee's won't like it when they find out, But we own our place and they can't do a thing about it..

Get a REAL home hillbillies and hippies


October Hill was not intended to be a residence for hillbillies, hippies and losers. It was intended to be a weekend retreat for people who have the money to afford a REAL home, gas to drive to their camp, etc.

I don't see where our trustees think that they own October Hill. The People who think that they own our CAMPGROUND are people like yourself, THE MAINTENANCE MAN who formerly lived there as an owner, the former BUILDING INSPECTOR (what a laugh that is) that LIVES there, and all of you other such losers in life.

Also, those who are retired, that live at October Hill all summer, are just as bad as you YEAR ROUND LOSERS. They also think, that because this is their residence, that they have more say as to what October Hill should be over anyone else.

In closing, have fun LIVING in a camper for the rest of your life REX.

over 65 retired and spending the summer on the hill

does anyone know who The Thrillbilly is

What is also WRONG with October Hill

One of the biggest reasons to which all of this animosity exists between owner and trustee, as well as owner and owner, is do to owner ignorance. Think about this for one second. What intelligence does it require to purchase a CAMPLOT, NOT A RESIDENCE, at October Hill. Answer, absolutely none, only the money to do so.

This fact was never more appearent as it was Sunday at the owner's meeting pertaining to the current sewer situation. At least FIVE people asked this question: After we pay Holmes County the $1024 TAP IN fee then Holmes County will PLUMB my site to the sinks and toilets correct? ERRRRRRR, WRONG. Do any of you DOLTS understand what a TAP IN FEE is?

Another good one is the comparision of INTENSE STORM clean-up to LOGGING. Logging is an activity which involves the taking of LIVING trees, not trees that have been uprooted, snapped at the lower trunk, or which have had LARGE branches snapped off.


Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

I saw you post on here asking (does anyone know who The Thrillbilly is)? Well I really think he or they are a person or persons who only hide behind fake names. This person is so afraid to put up his real name because he may be up to no good on the hill. Now maybe he or her will come forward and show there face and give there real name...

To the RESIDENT of 56 Ridgeview Drive


Why do you need to know my real name so badly? You certainly would not want to fight with me. Also, you certainly would not want to argue with me for you have no ammunition in which to do so. I know that the TRUTH hurts, however, it was not I that made all of you losers lives the pathetic reallity in which they are. When you own a HOME worth more than $2000, you know a REAL HOME, then maybe I will allow you to argue with myself. Until that time, I will not.

Lastly, I am very interested in your opinion as to what NO GOOD activities that I am up to at October Hill. Personally I think that you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. I am not breaking the rules by LIVING at October Hill such as yourself does.

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

OK Thrillbilly or Hillbilly reading my past posts on here I don't recall ever saying anything about you being up to any no good activities on the hill.
And 2nd, No matter if I live in a $2000.00 home or a $138,000.00 home in Ashland like yourself it is none of your business as our home is where our heart is and I don't believe that you have a heart the way you write about everyone. And by the way every time you leave a message on here your IP address is copied by the site and is there for smart people to find it and know who you are. An IP address is like leaving a social security number out there.
And lastly you must not really know me or you a bit jealous about us. Not many on the hill know what I am about or what I may have or where I have it. I am not one to flaunt about what I have or what I can do.
You called me a hillbilly and that may be true, You also called me a hippie and that may have been true in the 70's since I had hair down way past my shoulders and it was cut off after joining the Marines something you know nothing about. And ya I may have smoked a little bud back then, And yes maybe carried a straw in my pocket, But you can only speculate about things. But at least I am not a "COWARD" to hide behind a computer and call myself a "THRILLBILLY", I let everyone know who I am and until you start paying my taxes, insurance, and dues can you tell me where I can or cannot call home since our HOME IS WHERE OUR HEARTS ARE!!!!
Have a great life..

In rebuttal to the RESIDENT of 56 Ridgeview Drive

First, you posted qoute, "This person is so afraid to put up his real name because he may be up to no good on the hill."

Now, YOU have established the fact, that YOU are breaking the rules set forth long ago, by RESIDING at October Hill. I again beg of you to inform myself of what rules I have broken which pertain to October Hill.

Second, double your $138000 and find a location of this property other than Ashland (city or county), then you will be far closer to reality. Your ignorance proceeds you AGAIN.

Also, please do not insult SMART PEOPLE by associating yourself with them. If you are the computer/internet EXPERT you claim to be, I invite you with open arms to post my IP address on this very website. A bold prediction, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO, for I know you are a LIAR and an IDIOT with proof.

1.) Even a static IP address cannot give one the location of a specific computer. Nor can a dynamic IP address, which is what all IP addresses are unless one is a bafoon. Now, IP stands for INTERNET PROTOCAL. This "IP ADDRESS" has absolutely no connection to one specific computer nor it's location. I could take a laptop to China and the IP address could either change or be the same. YOU HAVE KNOW IDEA AS TO WHAT YOU WRITE.

2.) The real ID of a computer will not even tell one the location where it is being used. Quiz question BILL GATES, what is the term for this ID? For your BONUS question, how many different IP addresses have I posted comments from?

Lastly, why would ANYONE be JEALOUS of someone who LIVES in a CAMPER? Only a LOSER such as YOURSELF would be. Also, when you LOSERS, who choose to LIVE at October Hill, make all of the rest of us RULE FOLLOWING, NON-TROUBLE CAUSING lot owner's of October Hill taxes to be placed in the RESIDENTIAL STATUS remember this, we know who you are and YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE LEGALLY.

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

You loose again Thrillbilly since you don't know what you are talking about. I never said I live in October Hill or on October Hill. You need to hit the books once again and do your studying since we live in a subdivision. So if y'all taxes do go up in October Hills and your status is changed it may be for the better for all of y'all in October Hills and it won't bother me or us in the Heights. Keep doing your home work on IP addresses as someday you may find out something new. Remember this: He who hides behind a computer always has something to hide....

Y'all LOSERS are going to get RAGDOLLED some day



I apologize, for you do have a point and you do have an INBRED TOOTHLESS HILLBILLY'S technicality to which you have pointed out. I did refer to YOUR RESIDENCE, 56 Ridgeview Drive, as being located at October Hill instead of being located within the The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill. SORRY.


How would it be for the betterment of 97% of those, whom own a CAMPLOT at October Hill, who do not chose to LIVE there, to have OUR tax status to be placed in RESIDENTIAL. I beleive what your DUMBA$$ is trying to state is that YOU nor the other LOSERS, who decide to LIVE within The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill, could care less how much OUR property taxes could rise do to the fact that you LOSERS, HILLBILLIES, AND HIPPIES are living for free. (TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS! I indend to make all of you LOSERS lives, in regard to living within, The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill, a living hell from this point forward.)


When you can POST my IP ADDRESS and answer the question and bonus question from my prior post, which you will never be able to do, I will then start to beleive you as one who has a clue as to what computer literacy and the knowledge of the internet IS.


Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

First off property tax's really won't go up much. I/we are already paying over $200.00 a year in property tax's and our deeds do mention one thing about October Hill so put that in your pipe and smoke it a while. You can try to make our life a living hell, But when you really know what your talking about then bring it on. You see you know nothing about us and you will never know anything unless I am made to talk in a court of law and until than "YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT US"!!

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

First off property tax's really won't go up much. I/we are already paying over $200.00 a year in property tax's and our deeds does "NOT" mention one thing about October Hill so put that in your pipe and smoke it a while. You can try to make our life a living hell, But when you really know what your talking about then bring it on. You see you know nothing about us and you will never know anything unless I am made to talk in a court of law and until than "YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT US"!!

In response to the RESIDENT of 56 RidgeView Drive


Are you honestly posting here that your property taxes are ALREADY OVER $200 A YEAR as if your being gouged by Holmes County, for that is the flavor to which your post reads. $200 is SPIT and you are not paying $200 in property taxes a year. You owe Holmes County $93.16 a HALF and, myself being highly skilled in the ART of mathematics, can confidently tell YOUR INBRED TOOTHLESS HILLBILLY A$$ that 93.16 times 2 equals 186.32. That figure is not over $200 JACKA$$. Also, this is your own fault for my property taxes are slightly over $110 for a WHOLE YEAR and my place is worth far more than yours. Additionally, I have proof of this unlike yourself does. Unlike the information an IP ADDRESS can lend to someone, YOUR PARCEL NUMBER IS 1000194000 which does provide the YOUR exact location and RESIDENCE.

In the future I plan to work hand in hand with any and all willing Holmes County government agencies in an attempt to make the HILLBILLIES, HIPPIES, and LOSERS, whom choose to LIVE within The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill, HOMELESS.

Yours truely,
The Thrillbilly

WOW! I read here that this guy is going to talk to Holmes county. That is really funny since Holmes county already knows what evea it is you want to tell them

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

Hey Thrillbilly:
You can run to anyone you want. Holmes County doesn't care where I call home as long as they are getting there property tax's every year and they are getting the tax off my license plates for all my cars and trucks every year which they do get and since my drivers license has my home address on it showing that I that I live in my home and by the way I do have a home phone number at our home, Yes a telephone and not a cell phone at our little place. I am also a registered voter at our little place we call home. So go tell your trustee's and see if they care. Really they can't do anything about it either as we own our place and October Hill doesn't and neither do you.
Now I want to ask you, Name who you think lives on the property they own. Who do you think lives on there hill? I am sure you don't what you are talking about.
In closing I will say no one will be homeless since that was in the past a family that lived on there property on the hill that collected welfare, Got food stamps and even got a voucher from welfare to pay there electric payment and the hill had to take it as a form of payment and you are going to tell Holmes county WHAT? By the way there are many camp grounds set up the same way as the Wally Highland Subdivision in Holmes and Wayne Counties where people live year round and with out sewers. One camp ground is on land my family use to own and we sold it off to the folks who own this campground. Have a great evening..

Dear RESIDENT of 56 Ridgeview Drive, YOU are a LOSER


First I would like to understand what you mean by your last post when you wrote qoute, "Now I want to ask you, Name who you think lives on the property they own. Who do you think lives on there hill? I am sure you don't what you are talking about."

I would appreciate an explaination of this for I do not speak fluent backwoods country jibberish.

Second, If you are happy living in a $2000 dollar WHITE TRASH home that is YOUR problem, however, understand that it will not become MINE.

Lastly, It only goes to show what a complete WHITE TRASH LOSER that you truely are, that you would speak proudly of someone paying their electric bill for a CAMPLOT from their WELFARE CHECK. It sound like you probably pay YOUR elecrtic bill from funds provided to you from a WELFARE CHECK loser.

In closing, I would love to know how all of you HILLBILLIES, HIPPIES, AND LOSERS can live with yourselves knowing what wastes of breathable air, life, and space that you truely are.


Owner or 56 Ridgeview Drive

My friend J.B. Thrillbilly:
You call me different names which don't bother me since stick and stones may break my bones and names will never hurt me. But you call me by my name and then it's a TOOTHLESS INBRED HILLBILLY, and a hillbilly then a hippie and a loser, But you failed to call me a redneck. Do you really know me? NO you don't! How do you know I am toothless? I could have them in a jar like you. But the reason I am tooth less is because of cancer. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Hope you never get it since it is pure hell and hard to get rid of.
2nd I think you are jealous of me and you are trying to fish or figure me out and have been since we met. 3rd I don't receive welfare not yet anyway, No need for that. I do how ever pick up cans along the road so I can pay my electric bills and land taxes for the land in which we own and you may way to buy which may be for sale for lets say $1,200,000.00 if you really want us out which I don't think you do. And now 3rd, I ask you since you made a comment about everyone that lives on the hill which they own, Name who all lives on there hill which they own. Come on and name names, Lets see if you are as smart as you lead everyone to believe you are.. I went to school through the 4th grade and I think I have more smarts then you and you went to college so you say. Oh and by the way I did go further then the 4th grade and I to went to college for a few years and I also use to own a business in Mass making printed circuit boards for computers which I started with 4 partners in 1978 in which was sold off a few years ago for a couple bucks. I am not like you, I don't walk the walk or talk the talk and I don't go around trying to buy my friends of which I am sure I have more then you do. And as for living in a camper, Remember this. "HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS" of course since you think you are better then anyone else by hiding behind a computer and computer screen and calling everyone names "YOU DON'T HAVE A HEART"!!

Dear RESIDENT of 56 Ridgeview Drive, YOU are a LIAR & LOSER

Dear Rex,

First, I did address you by your name first, please read again. I was not aware that you had a battle with cancer, so that being said I do truely apologize for my comments in regard to you being toothless and will discontinue them. However, that is where the pleasantries will end. The attack on your stupidity and LIFESTYLE will continue.

Second, this is why I claim you to be a LIAR. Question, how many aluminum cans would one need collect in order to pay the taxes on a property worth $1,200,000.00? Truckloads apon truckloads apon truckloads apon truckloads apon truckloads apon truckloads of those truckloads. You are full of $hit. Another question, HAVE YOU SUBMITTED THE RECIEPTS FROM THE RECYCLING TO THE ASSOCIATION YET?

Third, here are the names that I am aware of. Obviously yourself by your own admission, Paul the former Building Inspector, Dale, Ken in the BROWN PLACE, the maintenence man Tony used to live there before becoming the maintenence man, and there are several others who previously did so who, from what I have been informed, no longer do so, one of these VERY CLOSE to where you LIVE.

And last but not least, if you owned and then sold a business making circuit boards, then I have two questions for you. One, why do you live in a CAMPER? Also, if you own a property worth $1,200,00.00, WHY DO YOU LIVE IN A CAMPER? Answer, BECAUSE YOU ARE FULL OF $HIT. Two, if this is true why can you not answer my questions in regard to IP ADDRESSES, A COMPUTERS TRUE ID, & THE NUMBER OF IP ADDRESSES FROM WHICH I HAVE POSTED COMMENTS HERE? Answer, BECAUSE YOU ARE FULL OF $HIT.

Now you have not only proven yourself to be a LOSER, you have also proven yourself to be a LIAR.

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

D.M. Thrillbilly:
Someday I may let you into our world and you will see you really don't know what you are talking about. I am not doing the recycling. Who says I live in a camper. That is a 2 story house with a fire place according to Holmes county. Yes I do have an upstairs. Someday you will eat all your words since you don't know anything about me or my financial being..
Why do we choose to live on Wally Highland you ask? Because it is peaceful and we own our place just like the rest who choose to be up there..

In response to the RESIDENT of 56 Ridgeview Drive


First, you keep placing initials in front of Thrillbilly. Is this an attempt being made by yourself in order to GUESS WHO is truely posting comments under the name The Thrillbilly? Keep on swinging, and I assure that you will continue to keep on missing.

Second, I am aware that you are no longer taking the recyclables to the scrapyard, and not by your own willingness to have this responsibilty removed from yourself. The reason, for which you are no longer allowed to do so, is because YOU COULD NOT PRODUCE RECEIPTS from the scrapyard, in a timely fasion, which the association has to report as income.

Third, your CAMPER/TRAILER having a LOFT does not necessarily QUALIFY as your HOME having a SECOND FLOOR to 99.9% of the population. Perhaps you ought to call Holmes County in order to have tour tax rate changed.

Forth, I know for a fact that I will never have to 'eat all my words' and I also know for a fact that you, and all such LOSERS as yourself, whom choose to LIVE within The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill, do not do so because it is PEACEFUL. It is peaceful where I live, at my HOUSE, my RESIDENCE which is not within a CAMPGROUND, and much more so. The reason you LOSERS LIVE within The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill is because it is relatively inexpensive to do so. This is the REAL reasoning behind YOUR CHOICE to LIVE in a CAMPER, for PEACEFUL places exist in places other than The Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill, and THE HILL as you bumpkins call it, seems to become less PEACEFUL for all of you such LOSERS by the DAY, MONTH, & YEAR.

Lastly, I truely hope that our WORLDS are, and forever will be, so far apart that I would have to board THE STARSHIP ENTERPRISE or THE MILLENIUM FALCON in which to visit YOUR WORLD.

Owner or 56 Ridgeview Drive

Ok Thrillbilly:
The recycling was given up by me and was not taken away from me. I worked it for 2 years and it would be a great thing in the future if done right. Since everyone said I didn't know what I was talking about and didn't know the first thing about recycling I decided to step a side and see if you or someone could do a better job at it. Now yesterday's scrap prices were: If they know anything about metal's then they can make a fortune at this time with scrap metals. But we know they ain't that smart. Copper is up to $3.7530 a pound and that is for #1 copper while #2 copper is at $1.7734 a pound. Yellow brass is up to $2.9288 a pound and white brass is at $2.6413 a pound. Aluminum cable wire is at $1.2297 a pound. There is money to be made in scrap at this time..
Lets see what the new team can do and lets see what they can make off the recycling. Looking at the scrap pile last week, If separated and things are striped then that pile is worth around $2600.00 at this time and I am willing to bet they get $200.00 for it since you people don't know the first thing about recycling.
Now where to sell the recycling goods? Not in Mansfield. You take it to where the money is. Next since you are so smart. What is the highest paying recycling metal out there and where does it come out of? This metal pays around $60.00 a pound and is easy to come across. Do you know? Didn't think so.
Receipts.. No one ever asked for them, But I did have them. well for some things. Early this year someone else sold off the scrap pile and did it for cash. It wasn't me, So there for I didn't have a receipt.
I spent a lot of hours over the last 2 years dealing with the recycling and I do how ever know who you are and I know you will never jump in and help with the recycling because you are lazy and know nothing about recycling.
Last year many people did how ever help in separating trash from the recycling goods and they were: Erin, Tony, Mike, Sheila and Sovina (not spelled right)and I thank them for doing a fine job. But you sir, You know nothing about recycling or even where or how to sell the recycling goods. This will be my last post on your subjects. Do and say and think what you want as you are just making your self look like an ass. You know nothing about me except what I have told you and if you want to really know about me or us come and ask and I may tell you or I may not.

The Owner OF 56 Ridgeview Drive is a FOOL

First, it would be money well spent, in order to not pay YOU, the $2400 difference to which you refer to. Any JACKA$$ can lookup scrap prices online MOROON.

Second, as you quote, "What is the highest paying recycling metal out there and where does it come out of? This metal pays around $60.00 a pound and is easy to come across."

If you are so readily accessable to this METAL, and can RECYCLE this METAL for $60.00 a pound, why are you LIVING in A CAMPER? Would you not be a MILLIONAIRE if you had such capabilities? Answer, you could never be so successful, for a BUMPKIN whom chooses to LIVE in a CAMPER does not have such capabilities. If such a BUMPKIN did have these capabilities, THEY WOULD NOT CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A CAMPER WITHIN A CAMPGROUND.

In closing,

You are right in stating that I will not help with the recycling. I will instead focus my efforts on something far more important. That being making the RESIDENT LOSERS of the Wally Highland Subdivision of October Hill lives a LIVING HELL.

Enjoy your last YEAR ROUND STAY ON "THE HILL", for next year your living arangements are going to become FAR DIFFERENT.

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive

You think? Guess I am not scared of you or anyone else. Like I said if you want us out then you buy us out, But that is the only way you will ever get rid of us. Isn't it great that you hide from most on here? Next, How do you know I am not a millionaire? You don't know what I have. And last, We do not live in a camp ground Dan, We live in Wally Highland Subdivision and that is what it says on our deed.. End of story!!!!!!!

Owner of 56 Ridgeview Drive Wally Highland Subdivison Phase 1

For those of you that want us off the hill, Here is your chance! Our place at 56 Ridgeview Drive is here by FOR SALE! If one or more of you can come up with the money that we are asking for our place, Then we will sell it to you. Here is what you get.. Camper, Addition, Wood Stove, Shed, and anything else that we decide to leave there. Our place is being sold "AS IS, WHERE IS"! If anyone of you are interested, Send us an email to amphotography56@yahoo.com
Don't waste my time if your not interested. I am listing our place on Craig List also as a retirement get away.

Thrillbilly is not someone I want to know!

Good grief, I just reviewed this exchange with my jaw dropping. I don't know who Thrillbilly is and am happy not to based on the vitriol and hate in his posts. Don't you know that one day you will stand before God Almighty and make an accounting for every word and deed? What is it to you if someone decides they can be happy in a camper - just because you desire more material things does not make it right for anyone else! Any reasonable person reading this exchange will come to the conclusion that Rex may be someone nice to get to know, and that Thrillbilly is someone to avoid at all costs.


The following is the face book page for October Hill Campers/Wally Highland Lot Owners Association 16310 (Wally Road Holmes County Road 23), Loudonville, Ohio 44842


Wow! I thought about a visit!

I looked this place up on the web, as my eldest daughter has heard about this place and thought my husband & I might be interested. We are both retired and have recently purchased a Newmar 5th wheel. But after reading all the problems and the way the trustees were speaking to a fellow resident, I have definitely changed my mind. I don't care who is right or who is wrong in this case. Did you forget what you were taught as a child? "If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all!" My husband and I own a 5th wheel camper and a F350 4x4 dually truck. We are very proud of the work it has taken us to be able to afford such luxuries. As for living in this 5th wheel, I could if I wanted to...It does not mean, I a hillbilly, a moron, or any other kind of name you want to call it. It would just be my choice of living space. Sir, (thrillbilly), if you can afford a very luxurious home, I'm happy for you, but do not condemn the people who Choice to live the way they do. Some may have no other choice, and others just may like this way of living better than your way. That does not make you better than them, just different. If we all felt the same about everything, can you imagine how dull life would be. Every house on every street in every state would look exactly alike. If we all had the same thoughts all of the time, who would come up with these new ideas, like the computer and the internet. We are all different for very good reasons. So let people live, where and how they would like. Remember, the last time I checked this was a free country. And Mr. Newkirk, you seem to have a lot of issues with the trustees, I'm not sure how it all happened, but running from this is not going to solve the problem. If I were in your shoes, I would have spoke to some of the other residents. Had them over a few at a time for coffee or some kind of get together, and had a discusion with them about the issues that you have spoken about. Then maybe as a group you could have gotten signatures and confronted the trustees. As for the trustees, I feel there needs to be a thorough cleaning in this department. NO TRUSTEE SHOULD EVER HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL NAMES, GESTURE OR INTEMIDATE ANY RESIDENT. As was obvious on these postings. Sorry you have so many problems at October Hill. But by putting your comments out in the open like this, you just created a whole lot more.



Copy and paste this as it shows how one can live in an RV for less then $10,000.00 per year and lets you see how some are doing this on the hill today. Yes we have about 28 families living on our October hill.

Was interested

Driving down Wally Road, looking at the campsites along the way, it appeared to be a nice peaceful area. I had considered looking into getting a place down there, but not now. Snoops and busybodies do not fit into my idea of a peaceful "retreat".

Neither do I understand why someone who believes they are "high society" and above reproach would choose a back-woodsy and primitive place such as this camp? It does not look like a rich man's paradise. If this person is truly, all that, why are they not renting a luxurious cabin in a gated community somewhere else where they might feel more at home?

Thanks for the warning Rex.

was nice

I bought a camp there in 1974 it was wonderful then,not to many camps.No one bothered you. my kids took swimming lessons ther.Rode horses,went for hayrides.And there was a band every Saturday night. Sounds like I wouldn't want to be there now. I will look somewhere else To bad for the people there now.

Beverly Fenton, We at October Hills really don't care if you look else where for a camp since you are a lair. We never allowed horses om this hill nor did we ever have hay rides.

Rex, soon your time in the wally highland subdivision will come to an end. everyone know the hill is suing you and your blonde bitch and we are going to win. most of us can't wait to see your stupid ass gone even though you have lived here many years without joining the october hill lot owners association. Sure we know the rules were not in place when you movedin, but we changed all that and you kept saying you were grand fathered under the old rules. i told you then as i will tell you now we don't look at your grandfathers rules and neither does the state of ohio and we also knoiw the courts wont either. you are screwed rex and guess what? your fucken ass will soon be out. we beat you you toothless hillbilly and you will be out soon. i will be there to help you throw your shit in the trash.

Owner Lot 56

OK Where should I start?
To The Thrillbilly The Professor. First now that I know for sure who you are you are nothing to worry about. Sure you are an ex-professor, But that doesn't mean squat anymore as you are a nothing. Looks like your plan to run everyone out backfired. October Hills-Wally Highland was always a year round owner occupied camp ground and always will be. You see sir you thought your were so smart that you thought you could run everyone out,Guess what? It will never happen. We are back and I want to tell everyone whom had shit to say about us that you can talk all you want. But until you walk a mile in our shoes and been what we have been through the last 10 years if I was you I would keep your mouth shut. Further more, 56 Ridgeview Drive of the Wally Highland Subdivision belongs to us and I hope I never catch any of you that has flapped your gums on our property. If I do, You will be sporting a new pair of bracelets and you will have a new address and it will not be at your home. It will be a 10 digit number on your orange jumpsuit and it doesn't matter how old you are or how skinny you are, They will always have one to fit you.

Beautiful place!

October Hill is exactly what you make of it. There are people that love to start shit, there are people who put their nose where it doesnt belong, there are people who will give you the shirt off their back. It is a beautiful place!! If one wants to drink a beer and ride around on the golf cart and b.s. with their friends, then so be it, life is TOO short for all the nit pickers out there!! Thats why ya'll have choices in life. The place looks great, the maint. man is doing an excellent job,,,,,he is only one person you know,,can only do one thing at a time!!! Awsome place to relax. Ignore all the hooplah b.s.!


With all this dysfunction, why would any new prospective camper want to be a part of this??

you have to be kidding!!

was looking at a beautiful sight on craigslist for October hills.went to October hills review sight to get alittle more information and this is where it took me.After reading all this drama,I wonder how you could ever expect any new clients...I would of been greatly disappointed to have bought a sight and have such animosity going on around me.I'm with Barry...


I'm with Barry & Kay. I too was just looking at an ad for a lot for sale. Thank goodness I ran across this thread. Don't you know that posting your dirty laundry on the internet is permanent?

To all the assholes on the hill

For all you assholes that are quick to judge someone I will tell you you are a bunch of idiots. Here is our website that may tell all of y'all what we do. I hope all of you take time to check it out.. Also for the 1 idiot on October Hill that said early on that my wife is a BITCH, Well Rodger I will tell you that she can whip your ass with 1 hand tied behind her back. We are done playing with all you idiots especially who ever the thrill billy is. You are an idiot. You never knew us and for the shit you said about us if I knew for sure who you were I'd sue the piss out of you for slander and donate what ever I got to a better cause then you will ever be... OH ya, We are back and we ain't leaving. Here is our website:


Uh Oh

I used to visit October Hill a lot a few years ago with a friend. I loved it so much. I'm finally in a position where I hope to find my own camplot, so naturally I turned to October Hill first. I started researching what was available, and this popped up. I'm devastated. What is going on there? I remember it as a little bit of paradise, and now I'm wondering if I should look elsewhere. Damn shame.

Lots campers for sale

How to get information left messages but no response at office

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